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It's Not Just Cookies: Stories and Recipes from the Tiff's Treats Kitchen

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Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. And, on one fateful December day, girl stands up boy and then bakes him a batch of apology cookies. The rest is history.
Building Tiff’s Treats has been a love story unlike any other for these husband-and-wife entrepreneurs who began a two-person operation from their college apartment and grew it into a business that employs thousands and is worth over $500 million.
Their highly anticipated debut book, It’s Not Just Cookies: Stories & Recipes From The Tiff’s Treats Kitchen, invites readers to experience just how Tiffany standing Leon up on a date led to the pair creating an on-demand, baked-to-order, WARM cookie delivery brand--the first of its kind.
What started as a simple apology with a warm batch of chocolate chip cookies ultimately became a way of connecting people through warm moments.
"We’ve realized that we get a front-row seat to human nature at its best, with cookies as the conduit," Tiffany and Leon say. "And we’re excited to share some of these stories."
They’re also excited to share RECIPES!
For the first time ever, It’s Not Just Cookies is releasing fan-favorite cookie recipes, complete with full-page, full-color photos, so readers can bake Tiff’s Treats at home!In the book, you’ll also read about the:
- Highs and lows of 20 years of entrepreneurship--while being married to your business partner
- Guiding principles Tiffany and Leon have used to overcome adversity
- Lessons they’ve learned along the way--mostly the hard way
- Inspiration that will help you find your own sweet success.
Early on, Tiff’s Treats co-founders Tiffany and Leon Chen remember being asked the critical question: "What are you going to do, bake cookies for the rest of your life?
"Yes, the answer is absolutely "yes."
And so much more. So, grab a cookie or three, follow Tiffany and Leon’s amazing journey, and create some warm moments of your own!