The Co-op supports the University of Texas by compiling the official book list each semester.

University Co-op is a not-for-profit corporation proudly owned by the students and faculty at the University of Texas at Austin since 1896.


The Co-op supports the University of Texas by compiling the official book list each semester.

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How to Purchase Your Books

Online: At check out, select whether you want to pick up your books in our main store or have them delivered! Orders are usually fulfilled within 24 – 48 hours, and we now offer delivery to select dorms!

In Store: If purchasing or renting in store, visit the Academic Floor downstairs and grab the books right off the shelf. We have computers that you can print out your course schedule from if you need to! Check out at any open register!

Your Options

Buy: All textbooks are available for purchase new, and some are available to purchase used. Purchasing textbooks gives you the most flexibility; keep it as long as you want, and write in it as much as you want.

Rent: Some textbooks are available to rent for the semester. Rentals usually have the lowest upfront cost, but can incur penalties if they aren’t returned on time or are damaged. Rentals are due at the end of the semester. You can drop them off downstairs on our Academic floor.

E-Book: Some textbooks are available as an e-book. Each publisher offers different features for e-books, including the ability to print out some or all of the book, plus it’s nice to not have to carry the book around!

St. Andrews Episcopal School Textbooks

Books for St. Andrews Upper School can be found in the Main Store on Guadalupe or online. Books ordered online can be shipped to you or you can pick up in store.


  • What does book status mean?

    Required means the book is necessary for the course.

    Optional means the book is recommended for the course.

    Alternate means that the instructor has approved an alternate for a required book - you only need to buy one version!

    Other course materials required for the class may be listed on your class' syllabus, and may not be needed for the first day of class.

  • No books are listed for my course – what does that mean?

    Either no book is required for your course or your professor has not turned in their book request yet. Check with your professor or syllabus to find out if a book is required.

  • I can’t find my class or book on your website!

    Please call or Live Chat us.

  • My book is out of stock, how can I get it?

    Place an order for the book and we’ll notify you when it arrives. Reordered books typically arrive in a few days.

  • Where do I find Course Packets?

    If your professor ordered the course packet through the Co-op, it will be available in store and online. If your professor ordered the course packet through another printer, check your syllabus for ordering information

  • Can I use an iClicker for more than one class?

    Yes, the same iClicker can be used for multiple courses during a semester.

    There are a couple of different types of iClickers, double check that you’re getting the correct one.

  • Are textbook rentals available?

    Yes on select titles.

  • OER reported courses.

    There are currently no summer courses using OER.

The last day for a full refund is September 4, 2019. CHANGING YOUR SCHEDULE? IF YOU DROP THE CLASS, YOU CAN RETURN YOUR BOOK UP UNTIL THE 12TH CLASS DAY. BRING PROOF OF YOUR SCHEDULE CHANGE. To be eligible for a rental, please complete your account information and include a credit card, shipping address, and name.

  • When is my rental book due?

    For fall 2019, rented books are due back December 20, 2019.

  • Can I highlight in my rental book?

    Minimal highlighting and writing is allowed. Books returned with excessive damage (water damage, mold, missing covers, missing pages, destroyed text on pages and the like) will prevent a successful rental return and you will be charged the difference between the rental price already paid and the full retail price of the book + and administrative fee calculated as 10% of the retail price.

  • What if I don’t return the book by December 20, 2019?

    By keeping your rental beyond the due date, you are agreeing to pay a 10-day extension fee equal to 20% of your rental fee. If a rental is not returned by the 10th day of the extension, you will be charged the buyout price plus a non-return fee calculated as 10% of the book purchase price. At this point, you will own the book and no further action is required.

  • When is the last day I can return my books for a full refund?

    September 4, 2019 with a receipt. Access codes, shrink-wrapped books, and software need to be sealed.

  • What if I drop a class?

    If you drop the class, we’ll give you a full refund for your book up until the 12th class day. Bring proof of your schedule change.

+Online Ordering Info
  • When will my order be ready?

    If you select in store pick up, books are typically ready for pick up at the main store between 24 and 48 hours.

    Books are typically shipped out between 24 – 48 hours. Delivery time depends on your location.

  • When will I be able to order books for next semester?

    Fall textbook ordering is usually available in late July. Summer ordering is usually available in early May and Spring textbook ordering is available right after Christmas.

  • Why do I see two subtotals in the shopping cart?

    Because our textbook inventory changes so rapidly, we are unable to have real-time inventory availability on our website. We display every option we might have so you can order what you want and indicate if you will allow substitutions for that item or not. If you allow substitutions and the item you request is not available, we will give you the alternate version (used or new) and charge you accordingly. If you do not allow substitutions, then we will cancel that item from your order if it's not available.

  • How do I cancel my order?

    Call us or Live Chat with us for cancellation options.

  • How long do I have to pick up my order?

    After classes begin, you have 5 calendar days to pick up your order. After the 5th calendar, we will restock your order with no refund.

  • Why was my textbook cancelled from my order?

    The cancellation reason will usually be indicated in red in your email notification:

    (1) We may have given you a professor-approved alternate copy of the book you requested, if your version was out of stock and the alternate version was available and within $20.00 of the original book's price. If this occurred, you will see your original (cancelled) book and the newly added replacement book on your email notification.

    (2) If the version you requested is not available this semester, we will cancel it from your order.

    (3) If you have ordered two identical books, we will cancel the duplicate copy from your order.

  • When should I sell my books back?

    We buy books back all year long, but the best time to sell books back is during finals.

  • How much are my books worth and how are prices determined?

    If your book is being used at UT for the upcoming semester, we are buying for our own inventory. Typically, we’ll buy books back for 50% of the new book price.

    If the book is not being used at UT for the upcoming semester or if we’ve reached our quota, we’re buying books back for a wholesaler or other book vendor. Prices for these books can vary.

  • Can I sell back books that I didn’t buy at the Co-op?


  • What do I need to sell my books?

    Your student ID.

  • What kind of condition should my books be in for buybacks?

    We cannot buy back books with spine damage, water damage, missing pages or excessive highlighting/writing.

  • Can I sell my iClicker back?

    Yes! (Must include working batteries).