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We're a nonprofit supporting students, faculty and staff at the University of Texas at Austin since 1896. (Happy 125 Birthday to us!) All of the profits from our retail store and online sales benefit UT students like YOU!

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Freshman 411 | We're here for you!

The Co-op is the official collector of course material information for the University of Texas, including art and architecture supplies.

Textbooks and course material options for students are consantly changing and it is easy to get overwhelmed by all your options. We're here to help you navigate your choices by showing you how to acquire the right materials at the lowest possible cost. Afterall, we've been doing this for 125 years!

Burnt Orange Bulletin Board

The Longhorn community is an incredible group with a wealth of knowledge to pass down to future Longhorn. Below, we've complied advice and tips from current Longhorns and alumni as well as our seasonal staff.

Maddy's Freshmen Essentials

What Co-op Intern Maddy believes are absolutely essential your first year here at UT.

Trenola's Freshmen Essentials

Get tips from Co-op Intern Trenola on what she thinks you need for a stress-free first year at UT.

Ashton's Freshmen Essentials

Everything Ashton, an Intern at the Co-op, thinks is essential for a successful first year on campus.

Top School Supplies for UT25

Blog by Trenola B. Co-op Human Resources Intern

Top School Supplies for UT25

Blog by Maddy W. Co-op Web Intern

Back to School Essentials

Blog by Samantha K. Co-op Marketing Intern

Textbooks 101

Learn about your Textbook and Course Material options and how to shop for them online and in store.

Textbooks Q&A

Blog by Kim Estes Assistant Store Director

Textbook How To Guide

Print and bring your How To guide with you

Advice for Freshmen

From the 2020 University of Texas at Austin Student Government Leadership

12 Student Organizations to Join

This semester is your chance to branch out, try something new, and meet some awesome longhorns.

Advice to Freshmen

We sat down with 2019 Student Body President, Colton Becker, and discussed advice for freshmen!


10 Best Study Spots on Campus

Whether it's midterm season, finals week, or just an average Tuesday, chances are you've got some studying to do.

Hey Parents!

Visit our friends over at Texas Parents for the parent perspective on freshman year at UT.

The Co-op is a nonprofit supporting students at UT Austin and we will be here for you and your student for the next four years and beyond. From getting their course materials and textbooks, to game day gear, to graduation regalia, We're here to here to support your student during their time on the 40 acres!

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